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Jeannette Bayardelle

Tony Award Nominee Jeannette Bayardelle has founded Broadway to Wall Street, an innovative platform that fuses the realms of creativity and finance. This initiative stands out for its unique approach to education and mentorship, leveraging music and storytelling to make financial literacy accessible and engaging. It's designed to equip artists with the tools and knowledge to navigate the arts industry confidently, fostering the development of profitable side ventures. Moreover, Broadway to Wall Street offers guidance on tackling the entertainment business's intricacies, empowering creatives to achieve financial independence alongside their artistic endeavors.


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Broadway to Wall Street is a pioneering company I founded, dedicated to merging the artistic flair of Broadway with the strategic financial insights of Wall Street. Our mission is to offer a suite of unique services tailored to empower, educate, and inspire individuals who aspire to bridge the gap between their creative passions and financial success. Here’s a closer look at our exclusive offerings:

Introduction to the Stock Market Course: This innovative course demystifies the complexities of the stock market through the universal languages of music and animation. Designed to make learning about investments fun, engaging, and accessible, it’s the perfect starting point for anyone looking to understand the financial world without the usual intimidation.

Mentorship Program: Our program is deeply committed to fostering Broadway ethics, entrepreneurial skills, and financial savvy, ensuring you can pursue your dreams without financial barriers.

We offer personalized support in crucial areas such as audition critiques, career strategy brainstorming, and vocal development, aiming to polish your talents and guide you through the industry's complexities. Our focus extends beyond artistic excellence to include launching and managing successful businesses, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate both your creative and professional journeys.

Entrepreneurship Course: Through our comprehensive course on finding and starting a business, we equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools needed to turn their visions into reality. This course is a roadmap for anyone looking to embark on a business venture, offering step-by-step guidance on navigating the early stages of entrepreneurship.

VIP Experience with Jeannette Bayardelle: Our most exclusive offer, this VIP experience, is a rare opportunity to spend a day with the renowned Jeannette Bayardelle in a stunning, remote mansion, undisclosed to the public. The day is custom-tailored to the customer, featuring one-on-one sessions that delve into Jeannette's creative process, spiritual practices, and provide a sneak peek into her projects in the works. Accompanied by the luxury of a personal chef, this experience is not just a day of learning but a profound journey of inspiration and empowerment. It’s designed to bring immeasurable value to our clients, introducing life-changing concepts and ideas that have the potential to alter the trajectory of their personal and professional lives.

Broadway to Wall Street stands at the forefront of a revolutionary approach to personal and professional development, blending the magic of the arts with the acumen of finance. Our programs are more than just courses; they are gateways to transformation, designed to enlighten, inspire, and empower individuals to achieve their highest potential.

Mentorship Testimonial

Mentorship Testimonial

Introduction to the Stock Market Course Testimonial

"I love this course. It speaks my language. This is how I learn."

- Dr. Anastasia Williams