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You're about to embark on a transformative journey of growth, learning, and personal development with our exclusive mentorship program. This page marks the first step towards accessing a world of guidance, inspiration, and empowerment led by our esteemed mentor, Jeannette Bayardelle. Here, you'll find all the information you need to join our community of learners and achievers.

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  1. Upon payment of your registration fee, you may proceed to pay your subscription fee and complete your registration information on our online portal. Start by filling out the registration form with your personal and contact information. This form is your initial entry into our mentorship program, helping us understand your goals and how we can best support your growth journey.
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Mentorship Subscription:

Once registration is completed, you can purchase your subscription for $99/month, which grants you full access to our Mentorship Information Hub, along with its comprehensive benefits and resources, designed to support your journey of growth and achievement. This all-access pass is your key to:

  • Exclusive Content: Dive into a wealth of original videos and articles, constantly updated to bring you the latest and most effective strategies, insights, and inspiration.
  • One-on-One Mentorship Sessions: Schedule personal mentorship sessions with Jeannette Bayardelle, designed to offer individualized guidance and support tailored to your unique goals.
  • Direct Communication: Enjoy the privilege of direct access to Jeannette via email and text, ensuring you have the mentorship and advice you need, right when you need it.
  • Continuous Learning and Development: With new content regularly added to the Hub, your learning journey will never plateau. Stay engaged, inspired, and on track to achieving your personal and professional aspirations.

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Registering for our mentorship program is the first step towards unlocking your potential and achieving the success you've dreamed of. By joining our program and subscribing to the Mentorship Information Hub, you're not just gaining access to exclusive content and personal mentorship; you're investing in your future.

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The registration price does not include your subscription. You will be able to purchase your subscription for $99/month once registration is completed.

Your instructor

Jeannette Bayardelle's career represents a vibrant tapestry of artistic achievement and educational dedication. With her distinct voice resonating through performances that have graced stages from Broadway to international venues, she commands an inspiring presence both as an artist and as a mentor. Jeannette has worked tirelessly, not just to perfect her craft, but also to empower others, weaving in her passion for financial literacy and the arts. Her groundbreaking effort, Broadway to Wall Street, exemplifies her zeal for equipping creative minds with the tools to achieve financial sustainability. Jeannette's mentorship extends beyond the stage, as she strives to foster an environment where aspiring artists and entrepreneurs can harmonize their artistic pursuits with practical financial acumen.

Drawing on her wealth of experience, including starring roles, accolades, and original productions, Jeannette brings a wealth of practical insights to her mentorship program. Her participatory and engaging teaching style stems from a genuine desire to see others succeed. Students in Jeannette's program not only learn from her extensive background in the performing arts but also benefit from her firsthand experience in front-of-house and behind-the-scenes roles. Her nuanced understanding of the industry, combined with a commitment to nurturing talent, offers participants a unique opportunity for growth that is both personally and professionally transformative.

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